Job Offers Today

Today I made 4 job offers.  What a great feeling – to be the person hiring, to find talented people, to work through the corporate process quickly, and to get job offers into people’s hands a week earlier than the expectation I set for next steps.

All in all, a good, productive, positive day.

Some tips on making a job offer.

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The Interviewed Becomes The Interviewer

I started my new job 3 weeks ago.  Two long, hard weeks of work…and then one week of vacation.  I had the week off planned before the job offer came and let me tell you keeping that week off as planned was one of the best decisions I made.  A new job is very tiring, even a terrific, exciting, pleasurable new job.

This week I will be interviewing people for positions on my new team.  It is part of the circle of life that I went from interviewing a few short weeks ago for a new position, and now I will be the interviewer.  I’ll be prepared and I’ll be on time for the candidates.  I take interviewing candidates seriously.  I sure hope I don’t end up on someone’s list of interviewer’s mistakes!

My new job is as a leader of an Information Technology (IT) team at a major bank.  The team will be a shared services organization meaning we will provide services to multiple lines of business within the bank.  The team does not exist today so the first thing I need to do is set the structure, interview and hire my direct reports, and then transition existing employees and hire new employees into the team.  The team is planned to be 200+ strong in the next 6-9 months.

What a fabulous opportunity.  To start something new, to build and motivate a team, to provide a service to a broad business base, and set a foundation for future shared services.

It won’t be easy and it will take lots of thought, leadership, skill, and dedication.

If it was easy…where would the challenge be?

Team Building


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Job Offer

I got a job offer.  We negotiated and the compensation package is attractive.

Paperwork will be sent by courier shortly and my current job search will be over.  Once I sign off on the offer, I will get started on those thank you notes to all the people who helped me.

And the sun is out today.


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Tips For Job Seekers – Take Your Time

The process of looking for a job can be exciting, overwhelming, scary, painful, and rewarding.  All those emotions put you in a tough position when the moment occurs that a job offer is made to you.

You’ve heard about a job and submitted your resume and waited, interviewed and waited, maybe interviewed another round (or two or three) and waited, provided a list of people for your reference checking and waited, heard you were selected and waited, and then presented an offer…

And all you want to do is take the offer and be done with this job search and get working.

But hold on.

This is the one point where you have the ability to make demands.  Through all of the process up to this point, you had to be where you were needed when you were needed.  You had to answer all the questions thrown at you and sell yourself – they should hire you because you are terrific – and you need to make that known.

Now they know it.  Now they are making the offer and they have invested time and they want you to say yes and come on board and show your stuff.

This moment only comes once.  Take your time, think about everything they’ve offered and everything you’ve wanted.  If there is something that does not fit your needs or desires, talk about it.  Don’t threaten, don’t disrespect anyone, just talk about it.  Know your goal and find a way to ask for it.  Think through your words carefully, write them down and practice them, and then have the discussion.  Be willing to bend and listen to their words too.  You want to make sure you are happy with the overall offer including the role, the boss, and the compensation.

Once you have agreed to terms, sign the paper and smile.  Then celebrate because soon you will be working at the new great job you landed.


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Tips For Job Seekers – Waiting is hard

There are a lot of things you wait for while in the middle of a job search.  Waiting to hear if you have an interview, if you were shortlisted after the interview, what your references have said, is the offer coming, can you agree on terms.

Most of the waiting is hard.

You need to stay motivated and confident each step of the way.  There are many things you can do to help yourself with this.

  1. Stay busy – don’t spend all day wondering when the phone will ring
  2. Stay focused – you don’t have the job until you have the job, so you need to keep working on the job search in case this one falls through
  3. Stay confident – if you feel you are starting to doubt yourself, call up a friend or colleague and ask them to list 3 of your strengths and then reflect on these
  4. Stay positive – this is not the end of the world, you know you are qualified and you will find the right role if you know what you are looking for
  5. Plan free time – if you plan to take the day off of your job search for personal rejuvenation or a trip with the family, be honest with yourself about it and declare a vacation day just like if you were working
  6. Try to enjoy yourself – in a job search, if you keep yourself busy and focused you can meet some terrific people through networking and boost your confidence as you talk about your skills and experience

Good luck to all those job searching.  And have fun out there!

Some advice for organizing your job search –


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Tips For Job Seekers – Reference Checks

It’s an interesting world when reference checking begins.  It is a good sign because an Executive Recruiter doesn’t typically do reference checks until you have been shortlisted or the company is preparing to make an offer.

This can be a difficult situation when you have a) left your job because you don’t like working for your boss or b) been let go by said boss.

You can have 100 other references, but they are going to check you out with your current/previous boss.  This is yet another reason you never, ever say anything bad about, or to, the previous company or boss.  This person you have decided to leave or who has made the decision it is time for you to leave will be giving their opinion of you as an employee to the recruiter who is deciding if you pass the criteria for the new job where you have just wow’ed them in your interviews.

You can complain and say it’s not fair, it doesn’t make sense, or you should get to pick the names to give references for you.  But that won’t change the fact.

Be professional at every step.  It’s important.

The day I got let go and my boss said “it’s nothing personal, we are downsizing”, I had the presence of mind to ask “so I guess that means you would be comfortable providing a reference for me for a new job?” and he said yes.  That took away my worry for the moment the recruiter would say “we are going to call your previous boss”.

Read here for tips on how to request references and the power of personal references.


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Job Search Tips – Interviewing For Multiple Roles

I have been working with multiple executive search firms.  There are pros and cons to this approach.

It increases the number of jobs I will be exposed to, but also increases the amount of research time required and the amount of organization required.

Over the past two weeks, I have had the fortune to:

  • meet with 4 recruiters to discuss specific jobs
  • interview 7 times for one company
  • interview 3 times for another company
  • research one job and company that I determined was not a good fit for me

This has all required time, effort, organization, and dedication.  I had to be ready to sell myself to the recruiters so they would in turn share great opportunities with me and be willing to sell me to their clients.  I had to study up on the two companies, keep reading my resume to be ready for any questions that came from specific words on it, and study the job profile in detail to be prepared with my questions for the interviewers.
In many cases, I will fortunate that the person interviewing me had a profile on LinkedIn (and sometimes a picture) so I was able to know a bit about them before meeting for the first time.
I have kept my head focused, and my attitude positive.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  Job searching is tiring and frustrating at times.  It is also exciting and energizing at other times.  It is important just prior to each interview for me to remember that the next hour could have a huge impact on my career and my life so I don’t look at it as a nuisance or a chore or an inconvenience.  It does feel that way at times and I have been able to remind myself each time.  If I don’t GET everything out of the discussion that I need in order to know if this would be a great job for me, and if I don’t GIVE everything to the discussion for the interviewer to know I would be a great candidate then the hour would be wasted.
I realize this is logical.  For those in the middle of interviewing, it just helps to remind yourself.
Each day I have my plan.  Research, interviews, networking, prep work, updating my plan.  It’s easy in principle, and hard in action.  Just like a job.  And just like a job, I need to reach out for support and information and feedback.  I am fortunate.  I have opportunities to assess, and interviewers to attend, and friends for support.
These past two weeks were tough as I felt I had more research to do than normal and it took a lot of hours.  My brain felt full and I wondered at one point if I could walk into an interview and spout off terrific relevant information…about the wrong company.  But of course that didn’t happen and just the thought of it helped me to lighten up.
I am preparing for the week ahead.  And though I am feeling good about the prospects for both companies that I interviewed with, I am meeting a recruiter this week about a job at another company.  Who knows?  Maybe it will sound better than everything I have heard so far.
Good luck to all of you interviewing right now.  And for anyone preparing to do it soon, remember that it can be fun and exciting.

Go on.  Put your best hand forward and wow them!
I know you know it, but just in case you don’t – you have to look the part of the role you are interviewing for.  Read encouraging words here if you need some convincing.

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